A Multilingual Preschool/Kindergarten is looking for a Spanish or Portuguese Teacher's Assistant

Posted: 10/02/2020

The Language and Enrichment Center, home of iLingo Academy, is a multilingual and
STEAM based preschool and kindergarten program. We offer children (2-5 years old) the
opportunity to learn various languages and cultures, such as; English, French, Italian,
Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also offer language and enrichment classes to older
children as well as adults.

The teacher's assistant will be responsible for: - assisting the
head teacher in daily activities - aiding students in arts and crafts, gardening, basic cooking,
baking, and pottery. - monitoring and maintaining student behavior in accordance with
established guidelines - performing required care-giving/personal hygiene activities for
children such as; feeding, dressing, and using the restroom. - assuring the safety of the
children by following the health and safety practices and procedures - assisting in
maintaining a clean and orderly classroom environment.