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Sell online with your new eCommerce store and website - Exclusive 50% off

Offer Valid: 06/03/2022 - 07/08/2022
Start selling in 15 minutes!
Creating a website can be frustrating when it comes to coding, and hiring web developers can often be expensive too. Furthermore, web builders can be rather confusing.

We provide you with the opportunity to sell products or manage reservations online.

Meet Laganoo, your new e-commerce ecosystem. Learn more here!

Laganoo gives you sophisticated marketing and sales features in an omnichannel platform.

You can manage your store in one place, import products and inventory, set delivery options, track orders, and keep updated with your revenue.

Connect your store to social media and marketplaces so you can sell on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay (additional codes required for Advanced Package).

You can start your online business with 25 products or you can add as many products as you want by selecting the right package and stacking more codes. Simply choose the perfect photo of your product, add a category/short description, enter the price, and make it sellable on your store.

Get access to Laganoo now!

Use Code: HOCC2022 o get 50% subscription for two years! Email us at with your name, email, company information to get this special deal.

This Member to Member Discounts is promoted by Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.